MAT has truly changed my life. I found Rock Solid at a time when I was desperate for relief from severe shoulder pain and in just the first session, the majority of my pain was gone! I continued to come back to ensure I fully recovered my shoulder but even after that was resolved, I kept coming in order to address the multitude of other issues I had due to old injuries. Because of the amazing team at Rock Solid, my body just works better now! I feel better protected from future injury and have also been able to go back to a lot of my favorite activities that I had stopped due to pain. Also, my boyfriend was able to avoid surgery on his ankle/foot because of MAT, so we both couldn't recommend it enough! Rock Solid is the BEST. Thank you!

"I have been struggling with lower back pain for many years (20+). I have tried many avenues to try to improve the way I feel.
Dr. Eryn Paetz has done a tremendous job in relieving my pain - in a very short timeline. She has excellent bed-side manner and is thorough in explaining what is going on with you and your body in terms of how MAT supports improving how you feel. She is a true professional and definitely the BEST in her field. I would recommend Rock Solid to anyone who has tried different venues with no relief. I am a true believer in MAT and how quickly it can make you feel great again.

"I have been going to Rock Solid Physical Therapy for over a year. Dr. Prusmack referred me for chronic pain and SI issues. I can honestly tell you after 4 hip/back surgeries, 6 ankle surgeries, neck surgery and a knee surgery, I have never experienced PT like MAT! Ryan, Eryn, and the entire staff are amazing! MAT strengthens your entire body. They prepared my body 3 months prior to my most recent surgery in late June, and are now assisting me throughout my recovery. I recommend Rock Solid PT/MAT to everyone I know/meet who suffers from chronic pain or their body is in need of an adjustment. MAT addresses the actual root cause of your pain vs pain meds or traditional PT/Chiropractic care.
Muscles in motion remain in motion! I highly recommend Rock Solid PT/MAT"

MAT with Sami is incredible. Helping me get better and stronger! Seeing the results in my performance already! Woot woot!

I found MAT through a friend right before I was about to have knee surgery. Eryn and her team have helped me get 98% better through the MAT technique and I highly recommend them to anyone who is faced with chronic pain or is contemplating any kind of surgery. THEY ARE AMAZING!

MAT at Rock Solid PT has helped me more than anything else to restore function post shoulder labrum tear / arthroscopic surgery. I had no functional use post surgery for three months - had to sell my car with a standard transmission and by one with and automatic transmission, plus many other accommodations. MAT has brought my shoulder function back to 90% pre-injury status, and we are not finished with the treatment plan yet. We (Dr. Paetz and I) expect full recovery by the time the treatment plan is finished. More people need to know about MAT!

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